Wednesday, October 31, 2012

great review and concert preview in the Portland Mercury

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The Walking Willows 

When: Sun., Nov. 4, 8 p.m.
Price: $10
Stephen Cohen's old group, the Eugene-based psychedelic folk band the Tree People, didn't garner a ton of attention during their initial stint, but they were posthumously discovered by record collectors worldwide and eventually had their 1979 and 1984 albums reissued. Now Cohen's new band, the Walking Willows, have a record that should similarly delight record collectors and fans of off-the-beaten-path folk. By Hand is a sparse, playful collection of songs performed by Cohen and double bassist Rich Hinrichsen, and they're performed with clarity, precision, and vibrant humor, as on "1 Hit Song" and "Mathematics." There's also some good old-fashioned, rain-sodden Oregon weirdness, and the result is a unique, entrancing folk record that doesn't sound like anything you've heard before. NED LANNAMANN

The Old Church

Sunday, October 28, 2012

nice review of new album in from Canada

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2012-10-23: The Walking Willows

Journal d'écoute / Listening Diary 
THE WALKING WILLOWS / By Hand (3 handed productions)
L’aventure des Tree People s’est arrêtée en mars 2011, avec le départ du flûtiste Jeff Stier. L’auteur-compositeur-interprète/guitariste Stephen Cohen et son fidèle contrebassiste Rich Hinrichsen ont décidé de poursuivre sous un autre nom, The Walking Willows. Et ce nouveau groupe publiait récemment un premier disque, By Hand, une demi-heure de pur bonheur fait-main. J’y retrouve la folk naïve émerveillée des Tree People, la douce voix de Cohen, les délicates instrumentales – un univers sonore dépouillé mais conséquent, de la chanson pour grands enfants. La flûte me manque à certains endroits, mais pas trop. Certaines chansons, comme “1 hit song” et “Movie lot”, sont de pures merveilles.
 The Tree People’s journey ended in March 2011 with the reitrement of flute player Jeff Stier. Singer-songwriter/guitarist Stephen Cohen and his trusty doublebassist Rich Hinrichsen decided to carry on under a different name, The Walking Willows. And this new duo recently released their debut CD, By Hand, 27 minutes of hand-made delight. The Tree People’s naive folk is still there, and so is Cohen’s sweet voice, and the delicate instrumentals – a stripped down and coherent soundworld, songs for grown-up children. I do miss the flute in some places, but only a little. “1 hit song” and “Movie lot” are fantastic (and fantastically simple) songs.