Thursday, June 23, 2011

the WALKING WILLOWS do a house concert in Seattle, overlooking Lake Washington

the WALKING WILLOWS performed at a house concert in Seattle in a beautiful setting overlooking Lake Washington. There was a wonderful audience of nice people, along with great food and drink. Here is Stephen doing a solo piece.       
 On the evening before Father's Day, it was a special thrill to have Rich's son Christian sit in with us on cello on a few pieces, playing parts written out for him on It's My Story, Thomas, and Melody for 3.
Christian opened an evening of music with a solo piece. Rani Weatherby then sang a few songs accompanying  herself on ukulele. Rich's friend Brian then did a wonderful Steely Dan arrangement on voice and guitar accompanied by Rich on double bass. Then the WALKING WILLOWS did an hour set, performing many of the songs we did on our recent trip to Spain, as well as a world premiere performance of a new song, Mathematics. Rani Weatherby did back-up vocals on It's My Story and Living with the Animals, and took these photos as well. When the music was over, Stephen drove into the night, heading back to Portland, while Rich and others took a walk around the neighborhood.
the WALKING WILLOWS are finding the house concert concept to be perfect for our music and our personalities. We hope to do many more house concerts in various locations, East,West, North and South, in the future!

Friday, June 10, 2011

WALKING WILLOWS works in progress; until these are completed, order music of Stephen Cohen and the Tree People on CDbaby

The WALKING WILLOWS are at work on several projects: 1. The Cistern Symphony, which we will complete this fall, deep in the Cistern at Fort Worden, during our Centrum Residency in Port Townsend, Washington. 2. A WALKING WILLOWS album of original music, some of which will be from live performances. 3. We also are beginning to conceptualize several video and film pieces featuring WALKING WILLOW songs. Until those projects are completed, you can order music of Stephen Cohen and the Tree People at CDbaby: