Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stephen's "Rain House" performance at Project Space in Salem

I did an interactive performance called The Rain House at Project Space, an art event in Salem, Oregon.
The theme was rain, a good theme here in Oregon. I did several rain songs on guitar and cigar box guitar
 and enlisted audience members in playing my original rain, wind, and thunder instruments on the closing piece.
Special thanks go to guest performers Helena and Mark Greathouse, who did a wonderful song with voice
and accordion  complete with raincoat and umbrella,  Lisa Lee, who did a beautiful song about rain with voice and
autoharp, and Lily Gael, who did an experimental rain dance accompanied by me on cigar box guitar. Thank you to Kathy of the Salem Art Associaton for helping to make this performance possible. And special thanks to all the audience members, young and old, who participated!