Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the WALKING WILLOWS at Cafe Allegro, May 6th, 2011

the WALKING WILLOWS returned to Seattle's oldest existing coffeehouse, the Cafe Allegro for a performance on May 6th, 2011. The Cafe Allegro has special meaning for double bass player Rich, he came here many years ago while he was attending school. They have an upstairs room where live music can be heard every Friday night. Opening our show was Rani Weatherby, who played a short set of songs with voice and ukulele. Her music was whimsical and wonderful. Dane Euland then did a moving set of music of original songs, some of which I would call epic poems, featuring beautiful and heartfelt vocals with musical acoustic guitar. Then the came us, the WALKING WILLOWS, and we were very happy to have great sound with Dane as the sound guy, a nice listening audience, and good feelings all around in an evening to remember.

Stephen and Rich at the Cafe Allegro

a smiling duo of WALKING WILLOWS- a good evening all around!

jazz singer Rani Weatherby opened the show on voice and ukulele, and then later did some backup vocals on a few WALKING WILLOWS songs, It's My Story, Living with the Animals, and Rain, Rain, Rain

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